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Carpets & Flooring

Carpets & Flooring

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We carry a large range of high quality alternative natural fibre floorcoverings including coir, jute, sisal, seagrass and wool available to order.
To speak to one of our specialists please call Windsor: 01753 801052 - Chiswick: 0208 747 3747 or check in store - *All orders over 15m2.

Quality Carpets

Crucial Trading

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Why you should buy Crucial Trading

Crucial Trading's floorcoverings are extraordinary in their naturalness and their ability to make a simple, stylish statement in your home making them truly inspirational.
Nobody knows natural floorcoverings like Crucial Trading. For 27 years they have been working to create the most beautiful textures, weaves and designs using the finest natural materials.

Build your own rug.
With millions of pattern and colour combinations, their rug builder’s diversity rivals nature herself. Experiment with literally millions of border, material, weave and pattern combinations to produce something as unique as it is beautiful.

Alternative Flooring

Tempur Pillows

Alternative is the Alternative

Alternative are passionate about innovation and creativity. With a cheeky sense of humour, they mix new and inspiring designs with authentic natural classics. Our customers love their expertise and experience as well.  After all, flooring is a major investment. That's why people can also expect great service: advice, support, inspiration.

They're a modern company, of course, when it comes to the provenance of their flooring, making products which are not only better, but ethical and sustainably sourced. In other words they are a breath of fresh air.
Innovative. Creative. Natural. Fun.

Our Services

Estimation & Fitting

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You'll want want to ensure that it fits perfectly.

Our free estimation service is available to anyone living in Berkshire, Bucks and around the West London area. Our estimators can arrange a visit around you to find the most suitable time. They can accurately measure up you room/s and provide advice and information on underlay and any additional work or materials that may be required to ensure the purfect fit.
On most occasions our estimator will be able to provide you with and accurate estimate on the spot, or no later that 1 to 2 days. Once your carpet has been delivered, we'll arrange for our fitters to come and lay the new carpet for you.
Prices and additional services may vary, please call Windsor: 01753 801052 - Chiswick: 0208 747 3747 or check in store to speak to one of our specialists for full details and to arrange an appointment for our estimator to visit. He may also be able to bring a selection of carpet samples with him to ensure the most accurate estimation of cost.
In most cases, our carpet fitters will be able to remove your old carpet as an additional service. If you would like this done, please let the estimator know..

Carpet Buying

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Important things to consider

Natural floor coverings are made from natural and plant fibres such as wool, coir, jute, sisal and seagrass which provide the perfect materials for creating beautiful and inviting rooms.
Each of these sustainable and natural fibres has its own unique properties.
You should choose your natural fibre with care when considering your room. For example plant fibres should be used with caution in high moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Both coir and jute will absorb moisture and expand and wrinkle, and will shrink back when dry. Though seagrass is not as bad, mould can form if it gets wet. All natural floor coverings should be left to aclimatise to the room in which it's being being prior to installation to ensure the best fit.
Our specialists can advise on the advantages of each material, its wear properties and if any joining is required which will give the best appearance and be the most hard wearing.

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