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The Reylon name was born out of a reputation for handcrafted luxury comfort.

Splendidly produced, Reylon beds evoke a sensory experience for its clients. First and foremost comes quality in its design combined with a meticulous attention to detail, followed by a feeling of superb comfort and luxurious support. Combining the best qualities in form and function reflects why Reylon has maintained it status of the best beds in the world for a 150 years.

Relyon's reputation for excellence extends way beyond their traditional beds. Find a selection of Relyon mattresses at great prices in-store and online at Daniel of Windsor.

Discover the full collection in-store or call us on 01753 801000.

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  1. Relyon Dreamworld Aurora Latex Gel Deluxe Mattress
  2. Relyon Dreamworld Derwent Natural Pashmina 2400 Mattress
  3. Relyon Dreamworld Keswick Natural Alpaca 2600 Mattress
  4. Relyon Dreamworld Ullswater Natural Silk 2900 Mattress
  5. Relyon Barton Ortho Pocket 1000 Mattress
  6. Relyon Heyford Ortho Pocket 1500 Mattress
  7. Relyon Linton Ortho Pocket 1800 Mattress
  8. Relyon Rapley Memory Pocket 1000 Mattress
  9. Relyon Hurley Memory Pocket 1500 Mattress
  10. Relyon Lovelace Memory Pocket 2400 Mattress
  11. Relyon Perrow Pillowtop 2150 Mattress
  12. Relyon Penshurst Pillowtop 2350 Mattress
  13. Relyon Pencarrow Pillowtop 2850 Mattress
  14. Relyon Royal Buscot Pocket 1000 Mattress
  15. Relyon Royal Caldecot Pocket 1200 Mattress
  16. Relyon Royal Eltham Pocket 1400 Mattress
  17. Relyon Royal Osborne Pocket 2000 Mattress
  18. Relyon Royal Sutton Pocket 2200 Mattress
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Items 1-18 of 39

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