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This Year Marks our Windsor Store’s 100th Anniversary.

In Honour of this Milestone, we will be holding special events throughout the year.

We have found old photographs to create a visual timeline of our century of service, which is now on display throughout the store and online. This Milestone in our history has only been achieved through our continued commitment in providing our customers with the best service possible. On behalf of everyone at DANIEL, we would like to thank you all for your continued loyalty and hope you will join us in our celebrations.

Our History

Walter James Daniel, the founder of W.J. Daniel & Co. Ltd rented his first shop, 96 Uxbridge Road Ealing in 1901 at a cost of £50.00 a year selling drapery and fashions, he lived with his family above the shop.

Unfortunately business was very slow so Walter was unable to pay the rent, he went to the landlord to return the keys. The landlord refused to take the keys and told him to persevere, so he did. They worked very hard keeping the shop open from early morning until nine at night.

Walter and his wife had four children Florence, Charles, Mabel, and Douglas, all the family worked in the shop.

Charles left school at fifteen and had many happy years of apprenticeships with Derry and Toms, Bearmans, Selbys and Gorringes before at his father’s request returning to the family business.

In 1918, Charles purchased a shop in Windsor for his sister Mabel to run. He paid £150.00 a year rent for 120 Peascod Street, he also bought a shop for his brother Douglas to run in Newbury.

Charles married Irene; they had two sons Michael and Peter.

Over the years more shops were acquired freehold by the family. Some were sold to enlarge the existing Ealing and Windsor stores.

Today Daniel is trading from a large department store in Windsor and two smaller furniture stores in Ealing and Chiswick.

Charles Daniel

Charles Fardell Daniel - Chairman 1924-1995

Daniel Ealing 1900

Ealing Early 1900s

Daniel Windsor

Windsor 1918

Newbury 1931

Newbury 1931

Daniel Windsor

Slough 1935 - 1956

Windsor 1949

Windsor 1949

Daniel Windsor

Windsor 1950

Windsor 1951

Founder Walter James Daniel and Team Celebrate 1951

Daniel Windsor Founder Walter James daniel

Store Invitations

Windsor Fashion Show

Windsor Fashion Show 1961

Daniel Windsor Fashion Show 1961

Windsor Fashion Show 1961

Reading 1963

Reading 1963

Daniel Windsor 1990

Windsor 1990's

Windsor 2000s

Windsor 2000's

From our archives, Daniel News Report 1992

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