Heidi Bakery

Heidi Bakery
Heidi Bakery
Heidi Bakery

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday:

9:00am - 5.30pm | Last Orders: 5pm


10:30am - 4.30pm | Last Orders: 4pm

Eighteen years ago when Heidi Daniel spent some time studying in France, she fell in love with the way the French approached the craft of patisserie and baking.

Returning to the UK, she convinced her father to let her open a small bakery in the family department store in Windsor.

The concept was simple. Stop relying on bought-in croissants, cakes and savouries and start making the stuff yourself. After all, a croissant that's proven and baked the same day tastes the world away from one that's been sat in a van for days on end.

This concept isn't new. But it works well. And combine it with the love and care we dedicate to each of our hand-made products each day and we hope you'll find something a little different in each of our stores. Yep: it's baking with love. Or, as we prefer to say, it's Lovebaking.


If you have any concerns about allergens, please ensure you speak to a member of our team who will be delighted to help. We are able to advise on the 14 FSA major allergen ingredients.

Please note that our food is freshly prepared in small kitchens that handle allergens and our coffee counters are busy places, so we can’t guarantee that our food and drinks are allergen free.

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