Your Tempur 15 Year Limited Guarantee

TEMPUR Mattresses, Bed Bases and Headboards now come with a 15 year* limited guarantee, effective from the date of purchase, whether you have bought your product directly from TEMPUR or one of our authorised stockists. You can check who our authorised stockists are by looking them up on our store locator.  (*Bed base or frame accessories such as infra red remote controls, massage units or motors are restricted to a 2 year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.  This guarantee is also not valid on Tempur Bed Bases sold by Dreams Plc. Full details of the guarantee on their specific bed bases is only available directly from Dreams. Please contact them separately for more details.)

So how does it work?

The Tempur products are individually processed, therefore minor variations can occur.
If the guarantee certificate or the online form on the Tempur web site is correctly completed and sent in, TEMPUR will give you the following guarantee for its products subject to the conditions set out below:

General Guarantee Conditions

  • The guarantee is valid only if the Tempur Product is used and handled correctly as per the instructions enclosed with your product. Please make sure you retain them.
  • The guarantee relating to mattresses, pillows and small products does not cover normal changes in hardness/softness or properties which do not affect the pressure relieving properties.
  • The guarantee covers physical defects and changes which cause a visible, permanent indentation, more than 2cm, in the Tempur material. (This does not apply to loose filled pillows.)
  • Complaints should be made to the authorised stockist (W.J Daniel & Co Ltd) from whom the product was bought.
  • To make a claim under the guarantee you must present the original invoice or sales receipt as evidence of your purchase.
  • The guarantee is valid if the product is taken outside of the UK. However, TEMPUR UK Ltd will not be liable for any costs relating to transportation to and from the UK.


The guarantee does not apply:

  • If the TEMPUR instructions for using, cleaning and maintaining the product have not been followed, or if the product has otherwise been damaged as a result of poor maintenance, or careless use.
  • If the product has been bent, squeezed etc in cold temperatures or for a period of time causing the material to tear or be permanently deformed.
  • If the TEMPUR Product has been wet or soaked. The TEMPUR Material absorbs fluids and is difficult to dry, which reduces the functionality permanently.
  • If the product is very soiled or unhygienic.
  • If a TEMPUR Product has been altered or repaired without the permission of TEMPUR.
  • To zips on the cover of TEMPUR products unless faulty upon receipt of the product.
  • To slippers.  We do not offer extended guarantee on this item.

If products are repaired under the guarantee, the original guarantee period is not extended.  Please note the guarantee is for repair or replacement only.

What happens if I need to claim?

Subject to the conditions set out above, if you make a valid claim under the guarantee, TEMPUR will provide you with an equivalent replacement product.  However if your claim is after 5 years from the date of purchase, TEMPUR will provide you with an equivalent replacement product subject to you paying a percentage of the price as follows:

15 limited guarantee (introduced on Bed Bases, Bed Frames and Headboards purchased after July 2012.

  • 0-5 years: Full guarantee
  • Year 6 - Pay 10% of the current RRP
  • Year 7 - Pay 20% of the current RRP
  • Year 8 - Pay 30% of the current RRP
  • Year 9 - Pay 40% of the current RRP
  • Year 10 - Pay 50% of the current RRP
  • Year 11 - Pay 60% of the current RRP
  • Year 12 - Pay 70% of the current RRP
  • Year 13 - Pay 80% of the current RRP
  • Year 14 - Pay 90% of the current RRP
  • Year 15 - Pay 100% of the current RRP

When calculating the limited guarantee value, the price is set on the basis of the price list in force at the time of the claim.

Please note, TEMPUR continues to develop and update its product range, therefore an identical replacement may not be available. In this event, you will receive a comparable replacement.

What guarantees do other Tempur products have?

TEMPUR sell lots of other products including pillows, mattress toppers and bedding.  We also have a wide range of handy travel accessories and cushions designed to aid backcare and support, or just for simply giving comfort.  Each comes with their own full guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship. To find out more about the product you have bought, this handy quick reference guide lists all our current ranges.

Nothing in this guarantee is intended to exclude or in any way limit the consumer's statutory rights, and the rights granted here are not in place of, but in addition to such legal rights.

Finally, don't forget to register your guarantee
We encourage all customers to register their TEMPUR purchases.  Just click here to fill in the form online today on Tempur's website. Have your sales invoice to hand when you do, it makes filling in the details a whole lot easier.

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